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The Singing Psychotherapist

The Singing Psychotherapist

The Singing Psychotherapist is Joel Dickinson, a unique blend of lyricist and psychotherapist. Born in Sheffield, England, Joel resides in picturesque Cornwall with his family. He founded COACHD CLINIC, an innovative online clinic that caters to the intricate needs of individuals seeking mental health support.

Much like a detective delving into the complexities of the human mind, Joel employs his keen sense of intuition and empathy to unravel the threads of his clients’ lives, guiding them towards transformative change. His journey in mental health is not just professional; it’s personal. Joel channels the depth of his own experiences and the stories of those he’s helped into his songwriting, creating a symphony of resilience and understanding.

In his songs, you’ll find echoes of the challenges we all face and the strength that comes from confronting them. Joel’s words create a fun, enjoyable space for reflection, action, and change.

Join The Singing Psychotherapist on his harmonious journey of self-discovery and empowerment and find direction in the words and melodies of change and resilience.

** Help Needed ** If you’re a music producer, musician, or vocalist interested in joining hands to help transform Joel’s heartfelt lyrics into enchanting melodies, please reach out. 🙏

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